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How DialTime! Works


DialTime is a web-based computer auto dialer that makes hundreds of calls per second and transfers you a live customer once someone answers or otherwise known as a predictive dialer commonly used in the travel business. DialTime! allows you to talk to homeowners back to back until you are satisfied with the daily production or until you meet your daily contact goals. 


DialTime! eliminates all wrong numbers, disconnected numbers, busy signals and phone numbers that just ring and ring and ring so all you do is talk to prospective clients and try to get listings or buyer appointments. Once you start using DialTime! you will immediately start talking to local homeowners that may want to sell or buy a home.


When you are ready to start prospecting all you have to do now is turn on your computer, login to your personal Dialtime! dialer system and click go, it's just that simple. Once you click go on the dialer screen there will be prospective clients on the other line waiting to talk to you about possibly selling or buying a home. If you don't have telephone marketing experience don't worry. DialTIme! membership includes the top industry scripts for you to download, print, learn and grow.


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